Friday, April 8, 2011

Art Set Birthday Gift


If you have a young, school-age child, then you're feeling my pain when it comes to endless birthday parties.  We try to make it to about half of the ones M gets invited to.  Otherwise, most of our weekends would be dominated by Pump it Up (an inflatable play place, which seems to be THE place to have a preschool party).  As it stands now, we have a party to go to this weekend and next weekend...incidently both at the same place. 

Other than completely dominating your weekends, 15 to 20 kid parties a year can also dominate your bank account!  I came up with a really cute, inexpensive birthday gift that I think is going to be our go-to gift this year.  I found a cute 100-piece art set at Michaels the other day, on sale for $2.97!  I picked up a painting pad to go with it for $3.00 and a craft apron for $2.00.  I'm lucky enough to own an embroidery machine so I embroidered the child's name on the apron.  If you don't have a machine, there are tons of different style iron-on letters that you can quickly pop on there.  If the apron is for a girl, iron-on rhinestones would look great also.

So, for a grand total of $8.00, you can have a personalized gift that I think will last a lot longer than whatever the hot movie character figurine of the moment will.

Have a great weekend!

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